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Wide range of services

in the TVU unit


Liane Franz, Viola Fischer, Svetlana Sonnabend and Susann Tietz

TVU Coordinators

Phone: +49 30 4593-2010

Fax: +49 30 4593-3114

E-mail: tvu@dhzb.de

interdisciplinary treatment approach

The TVU bundles the medical planning and performance of all catheter-based adult heart valve procedures. Our range of services includes the following procedures:

TAVI - Transcatheter Aortic Valve Interventions

The IQTiG annual report certifies that the TAVI program of the DHZB has top results. Approximately 560 procedures are performed annually. Treatment options include all access routes and available prosthesis types, and therapy selection is always based on state-of-the-art imaging. Long-term treatment options such as valve-in-valve procedures or coronary artery treatments are considered in advance. Where necessary, cerebral protection systems reduce the risk of stroke.

TMVI - Transcatheter Mitral Valve Interventions

Our range of services includes edge-to-edge repair procedures,annuloplasties and all options for transcatheter replacement of the mitral valve - both for native disease and after surgical reconstruction has already been performed.

TTVI - Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Interventions

All modern transcatheter procedures are also available at the DHZB for reconstruction and replacement of the tricuspid valve.

Special indications

Thanks to broad cardiac surgery and cardiology expertise, specialized transcatheter treatments are also possible at the DHZB, such as the temporary use of mechanical circulatory support, the percutaneous connection of a heart-lung machine, and percutaneous heart valve interventions after heart transplantation or for patients with cardiac support systems.

Innovative therapy within the framework of studies

Due to the participation of our clinic in numerous studies, we are able to offer our patients a variety of highly innovative therapy procedures, if required and after consultation.