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Useful Information

Address, Admission, Visiting Times

This list provides useful information for your stay at the DHZB.

Outpatient Treatment

In addition to inpatient treatment the DHZB offers outpatient care by ist specialist physicians. This takes place in the specialist medical practices of the Outpatient Medical Care Unit, the outpatient departments of the different DHZB departments and the specialist clinics. Normally the patient needs a referral from an office-based doctor.

Feedback: Praise and Criticism

The DHZB is very interested in receiving your feedback. If you would like to express praise or criticism or to make a suggestion, you can use our feedback forms.
You will find these in the corridors and waiting rooms on the wards. Here are also the feedback boxes for posting the forms. These boxes are emptied daily on weekdays.
You are also welcome to contact us by telephone on +49 30 4593-1219 or by email at meinung@dhzb.de.


While you are in hospital you may have post sent to you at the following address:

Mr/Mrs/Ms XXX
Ward X, Room X
Deutsches Herzzentrum der Charité
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin

Tel +49 30 4593-1000
Fax +49 30 4593-1003
Internet: www.dhzb.de
E-Mail: info@dhc-charite.de


All our wards have comfortable lounges where you can read, watch television or receive visitors in a pleasant atmosphere.


On the day of your admission please report to the main reception desk. This is accessed by the left-hand entrance under the second archway, as you approach from the main Charité entrance at Augustenburger Platz 1.

Please bring with you the following: passport or identity card, hospital referral from your treating physician, health insurance card or other proof of insurance, declaration from your health insurer that the costs will be covered.

Personal belongings should be kept to a minimum (e.g.toiletries, glasses, hearing aid, walking aids). Please bring house shoes (slippers) that allow you to walk safely.

Visiting Times

We are pleased for you to receive visitors. Visiting times are normally 11 am to 7 pm daily. They may be different on the wards of the Department for Congenital Heart Disease – Pediatric Cardiology and on the intensive care units.
While you are visiting it may be necessary for the patient to receive medical or nursing care. In this case we ask that you briefly leave the room.
Patients and their relatives and other visitors should please bear in mind that a vist can be tiring, especially after an operation. For medical reasons the ward physician may advise you that visiting is not allowed or is restricted.

Leave of Absence

Please be aware that it is not possible for you to leave the hospital while you are an inpatient unless there is a compelling reason. In this case the chief physician or ward physician needs to approve leave of absence. If you have an important reason, please speak to your physician.


Flowers and plants in pots can harbour germs that are very dangerous for patients with weak immune systems and, in particular, transplant patients or others recently operated upon. Please therefore ask your visitors not to bring you flowers, and especially not potted plants.

Electrical and electronic appliances

You may use electrical appliances for personal hygiene, e.g. hairdryer and electric razors, without restrictions.

The use of electronic devices, such as laptops, tablet PCs and MP3 players, and of mobile phones (cell phones) is in principle allowed. However, in parts of the hospital housing equipment to monitor and sustain patients’ vital functions, these devices must be switched off. Please ask the nurses whether or not it is possible to use your device.

Discharge/Transfer to Another Institution

Hospital Discharge Management

Hospital treatment in accordance with § 39 Paragraph 1 SGB V also includes discharge management in order to counteract possible gaps in care after discharge from an inpatient stay and to ensure continuous care of patients following hospital treatment in line with their needs.
During your admission and during your inpatient stay, data on discharge management is recorded.
If you have any questions regarding discharge management, please contact our registration staff at +49 30 4593 1000 or the responsible contact person.


Transfer to a different room or another ward at our hospital is sometimes necessary for medical or organizational reasons.

We do our best to assign rooms to patients who are likely to harmonize with each other on the basis of their age and the severity of their illness.

Transfer to Another Institution

When your treatment at the DHZB is completed, you will be either transferred to another hospital or to a rehabilitation center or discharged home. Further inpatient treatment generally takes place at the Paulinen Hospital. If it is possible, we will take into account individual wishes regarding relocation.
If you should wish to leave the hospital ahead of schedule, please discuss this with your doctor. If your doctor advises against it, we will need your signed agreement that the hospital will not be held liable for any consequences or damages that may arise.

On the day of your discharge please remember to return items that have been loaned to you, such as books or exercise equipment, and to collect any valuables deposited with us. If you have used a telephone chip card, you can cancel the amount left on it using the machine and it will be refunded.


A healthy diet is very important in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Our dieticians will be pleased to advise you.

Lost and Found

If you have lost something in our hospital please go to the main reception desk or phone them on + 49 30 4593-1000.

Automated Teller Machine (Cash Dispenser)

An ATM is to be found just outside the main entrance to the Charité campus, Augustenburger Platz 1 (to the right of the first archway before entering).

Internet Use

Most of our hospital rooms have online access. In the restaurant you can use free Wi-Fi.


Close to the DHZB, on the Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum (Mittelallee 12) you will find the chapel, which is open from 8 am to 8 pm. Services and devotions are held regularly. Please ask on your ward for dates and times.

Ethics Committee

Since the treatment and care of patients sometimes involves an ethically difficult decision, the DHZB has introduced a clinical ethics committee.
The committee members are from different disciplines and professions.
The clinical ethics committee at the DHZB is an independent body that deals with ethical issues on behalf of the Managerial Board and acts as a bridge between academic ethics and clinical practice.

You may contact the clinical ethics committee by email at klinisches-ethik-komitee@dhzb.de


Our chef and his team strive to offer you varied and tasty meals. You may choose daily between regular and light nutrition. In addition we provide vegetarian dishes and special dishes to comply with your wishes or with special needs.

You may eat your meals in your room or in our restaurant on the second floor. If you wish to eat in the restaurant, please inform a nurse. You will receive a coupon, to be exchanged for a meal. Outside restaurant open hours, hot drinks, sweets and ice cream are available from the machines on the ground floor.


During your hospital stay you will receive from us all the medicines you need. However, please bring a list of the medicines that you normally take. Please note that we do not always have all medicine available and we first have to order them from our pharmacy (e.g. depot injections, sprays, new medicine on the market or medicine for rare diseases). For this reason, please bring such medicine with you for the first 1-2 days of your hospital stay so that we can ensure your medication at all times.

Medical Equipment

If you have questions concerning the use of any medical equipment in your room, you may speak to the nurses or ward physician at any time.

Mobile Phones (Cell Phones)

See “Electrical and electronic appliances”.


On the Charité campus and in the streets close to the DHZC parking is very limited. Alternatively, there is a multistorey car park at the campus entrance in Seestrasse 5 (payment required).

Patient Advocate

The role of the patient advocate is to help patients and their relatives with advice and practical support when they have questions, complaints or other concerns.
The patient advocate conveys these concerns to the hospital personnel and, if appropriate, the management. The patient advocate is an independent individual and is not employed by the hospital. You can reach the patient advocate by email at patientenfuersprecher@dhzc-charite.de or by using the post box in the entrance hall.


We are pleased to send off stamped letters for you. Alternatively, there is a mailbox on the Charité campus.

Psychosomatic Care

There is a close relationship between physical illness and psychological reactions. Our practice for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy is available to patients and their relatives, if desired.
Please phone our specialist practice on +49 30 4593-3310.

Smoking and Alcohol

The DHZB is a smoke-free hospital. The ban on smoking applies to all rooms in the DHZB and to the 30-meter area around the hospital buildings. Exceptions are the “smoking islands” at the north and south side of the main building.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the whole of the DHZB.


Our restaurant on the second floor is open every day from 7:30 am to 6 pm. It provides hot and cold meals, drinks, sweets and snacks.

See also “Meals”.

Quiet Times

Please observe the quiet times even if you do not feel the need to rest yourself.
Night-time quiet hours are from 9 pm to 5 am.


If you need something, e.g. toiletries, please feel free to speak to our nurses. We are at your service!


All our personnel are bound by the statutory obligation of confidentiality.
If you wish us to pass on information about you to third parties, you must sign a form releasing us from this obligation.

Pastoral Care

During your stay in hospital you may have thoughts and feelings that you would like to share with a sympathetic listener. Our hospital counsellors offer confidential talks. They will be pleased to come to your bedside.
Please speak to the staff on the ward or call a counsellor direct:

  • Protestant pastoral care: Pastor Ekkehard Kirchner, Tel +49 30 4593-1224
  • Catholic pastoral care: Mrs Elisabeth Mitter, Father Yuri Shenda, Tel +49 30 450 577 198
  • We are pleased to arrange contact to counsellors from other denominations or religions. You may also like to use the independent Berlin-wide telephone helpline, which can be reached 24 hours a day on +49 800-1110 111 or +49 800-1110 222.


On the Campus Virchow-Klinikum, in the glass-roofed building at Mittelallee 10, there is a shop that sells newspapers, gifts, toiletries, snacks and drinks.
Opening hours are:

  • Mon – Fri, 7 am – 7 pm
  • Sat. & Sun. 9 am – 4 pm

Social Services

Our Social Services department complements the medical and nursing care. Our Social Services staff can advise and inform you on social security entitlements relating to your illness and on rehabilitation care, home care and disability benefits.

You can phone Social Services on +49 30 4593-1030 or +49 30 4593-1031.


There are taxi ranks at the entrances in Augustenburger Platz 1 and Seestrasse 5. Our ward personnel will be pleased to call a taxi for you.

The cost of taxi journeys to and from the hospital must be covered by the patient. Your health insurer may reimburse the cost; please contact them to ask.

Telephone, Television and Radio

The television and radio are operated by using the telephone at your bedside. Headphones are available on the ward without charge.
To make phone calls you need to buy a chip card from the machine in the small service room on the ground floor (opposite side to the DHZB main entrance). The machine allows you to add a sum of money to the card, and refunds money left on the card at the end of your stay. A deposit is required.

Deposit: € 10
Basic charge: € 2 per day
Charge per unit: 10 cents


For reasons of hygiene and liability, animals may not be brought into the DHZB.

Terms and Conditions

On admission you will receive a copy of the general contractual terms and conditions that regulate the legal relationship between the DHZC and the patient.

Ward Rounds

Our doctors and nurses carry out daily ward rounds to check on the progress your treatment is making. These rounds are an opportunity for you to talk to the doctors and nurses.

Extra Optional Services

The costs of your medical treatment at the DHZC will be borne by your health insurer.

Further optional services are available. Privately insured patients are entitled to these services.
Those with statutory insurance may arrange them at extra cost.

We are pleased to inform you of our extra optional services at Tel 49 30 4593-1000 or on your admission.

Promotional Products

DHZC promotional items are available for purchase in different parts of the hospital.


Money and valuable of all kind (e.g. jewelery, valuable devices, expensive clothing, bank cards and credit cards) should not be brought to the hospital as we cannot guarantee that they will be safe.


The mobile Internet use is made available as a free WLAN to all patients of the Deutsches Herzzentrum der Charité, supported with funds from the Senate Administration for Health, Care and Equality.


If you have statutory health insurance please pay the patient charge, if appropriate, before your discharge or transfer to another institution, at the main reception desk.