Ward WD3U/WD3I

Ward WD3 has 12 single rooms and an admission room. Each bed is equipped with an intensive monitoring system, perfusors and artificial ventilation sockets. In view of the potential for intensive care medicine and the need for a corresponding ration of doctors and nurses to patients, Ward WD3 is attached to the intensive care unit for organizational purposes.

Each room has a state-of-the-art lighting system that imitates the rhythm of day and night. Following their stay in intensive care, patients who have received a fresh heart and/or lung transplantation are cared for until they begin rehabilitation.
The WD3 team also nurses long-term patients with a transplanted organ when they need to be admitted for routine examinations and treatment of an infection or organ rejection. Further, patients to be examined for listing for transplantation are also cared for on this ward.

The nursing team of Ward WD3 includes nurses specialized in transplantation and heart failure. In their specialist training they were supported financially and organizationally by the German Heart Institute Berlin.