Study program B.Sc. in Physician Assistance

Part-time Bachelor study program (study parallel to employment)


Dipl.-Med. Päd. Frank Merkle
Steinbeis-Transfer Institut Medicine and Allied Health

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Application Form

Project Competence Studies: Bachelor of Science I: Physician Assistance, at the Steinbeis Transfer Institute Medicine and Allied Health of the Steinbeis University Berlin

Application Form

Academic training for medical personnel

The Bachelor study program in Physician Assistance is a cooperative project between the Steinbeis University Berlin and the Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin. It belongs to the discipline Medicine and Allied Health and is a study program for career purposes.
The aim of the program is to enable nurses, surgical assistants and medical/technical assistants to train at an academic level. Graduates are able to support doctors in all aspects of their clinical work, for example by helping with scientific research or clinical studies.
Further information on this study program is available on the website of the Steinbeis-University Berlin.

Content of the Study Program

The study program B.Sc. Physician Assistance begins annually on 1 April.

The study program lasts 3 years. It consists of modules at which the student must be present, which are made up of lectures with theoretical and practical content at the university.
Tuition includes the subjects Organization and Law, Business Administration, Medical Technology, Theory of Medicine and Clinical Medicine. The elective courses in Physician Assistance, Cardiology Assistance und Intensive Care Practice enable students to gain specialized knowledge or to further existing professional knowledge.
Transfer days take place in the employer’s clinical institutions and allow students to deepen the knowledge gained during the tuition by applying it in practice. Units for independent study enable students to prepare for and follow up after study modules and to acquire additional knowledge.

Preconditions for Applicants

  • advanced or intermediate school-leaving examinations with at least 2 years of relevant work experience
  • or ordinary level school-leaving examinations with at least 4 years of relevant work experience
  • completed training as a medical professional, e.g. nurse, surgical assistant or medical/technical assistant
  • employer for project work
  • positive aptitude test


Participation in the study program costs € 500 per month for 36 months. Students can apply for financial support (“BaföG” or a study loan).