Continuing Education: Anesthesia/Intensive Care Course and Pediatric Intensive Care

Modular Course Parallel to Participants’ Jobs

Continuing Education in Pediatric Intensive Care

The continuing education course in “Pediatric Intensive Care” is based on the Continuing Education and Examination Regulations for Nurses in Pediatric Intensive Care, of Berlin.

The course takes place in parallel to participants’ work over a 24 to 36 month period. It consists of compulsory modules and 1 or 2-day modules that can be individually combined. Modern methods of instruction such as group work and practical exercises make the learning process varied and interesting.

In the interests of acquiring self-management skills, modules to enable participants to acquire professional knowledge individually are planned. Practical knowledge is gained by internal and external internships. The course takes place at our state recognized training institution in modern classrooms equipped with up-to-the-minute technology.

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