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Ladies and gentlemen,

Unfortunately, we have to cancel this year's DHZB-Long Symposium due to the effects and special regulations in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.
We have struggled with our decision for a very long time, especially since "larger" events seem to be permitted again from September onwards. Nevertheless, these events will only be able to take place with special hygiene measures and regulations, which we will not be able to implement with the expected number of participants at the Lange Symposium at the venue in the dbb Forum.
In our view, it makes no sense to limit the number of participants to a third for this reason. Nor is it to be expected that intra-European travel will be permitted without restrictions, which will restrict the possibility of participation for our renowned speakers and participants from neighboring European countries to a maximum or make it impossible. Since the DHZB-Lange Symposium thrives on personal contact and close personal interaction, we have also decided against a digital form of the event in the form of a webinar or a live stream, as we believe this would considerably reduce its attractiveness.
For these reasons, we are postponing the symposium with the same topic and the same lectures and hopefully also speakers until next year. In order not to clash with the World Congress for Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Heart Surgery in Washington and to offer as many as possible the opportunity to participate in the Lange Symposium, the symposium will take place on November 6-7, 2021 at the dbb Forum Berlin.
We hope you will all understand our decision and look forward to seeing you again at next year's Lange Symposium, so that we can then devote ourselves extensively to the topic "InGene-ious Cardiology".

With best regards
Prof. Dr. Felix Berger
On behalf of the entire
Organising Teams