Prof. Dr. med. Henryk Dreger
Clinic Director (temporary)

Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Stawowy
Clinic Director (acting)

Dr. med. Stephan Dreysse
Heart Catheterization Laboratory

Dr. med. Vesna Furundzija-Cabraja
Internist, Cardiologist,
Rhythmology and private ambulance

Prof. Dr. Jin-Hong Gerds-Li
Senior Cardiologist
Head, Electrophysiology

PD Dr. med. Michael Gräfe
Senior Cardiologist
Head, Functional Diagnostics

Dr. med. Djawid Hashemi, MSc (Oxon.)
Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology
Heart failure & cardiac MRI

PD Dr. med. Felix Hohendanner
Senior Physician Electrophysiology

Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Kelle
Senior Cardiologist
Head of Cardiovascular MRT

PD Dr. med. Christoph Klein
Senior Cardiologist
Pacemakers, ICD, TAVI

PD Dr. med. Daniel Messroghli
Senior Cardiologist
Heart Failure

Dr. med. Doreen Schöppenthau
Senior Physician

Dr. med. Anne Bingel
Specialist for internal medicine/cardiology
Severe heart failure/cardiomyopathies and private outpatient clinic

Dr. med. Patrick Doeblin
Specialist for internal medicine/cardiology
Cardiovascular MRT
Medical informatics

Dr. med. univ. Max Fritschka
Specialist in internal medicine/cardiology

Dr. med. Judith Jütte
Specialist for internal medicine
Private outpatient clinic
Cardiological functional diagnostics