Regular Wards

The regular wards at the German Heart Center Berlin have (excluding the pediatric wards) a total of 100 beds.

Nursing care here is highly specialized and requires of the nurses a high level of knowledge and skills.

Here we give an overview of our different wards:

Ward WDH1

Ward WDH1 is the ward of the German Heart Center Berlin on which patients with a mechanical heart support pump (ventricular assist device, VAD) are treated. The ward has 21 beds. Together with the transplantation ward WD3U/WD3I it forms an organizational unit for the treatment of terminal heart failure. This includes the evaluation for listing for a heart transplant of patients who have already received a VAD and the evaluation for implantation of a mechanical heart support system.

The tasks of the nurses on Ward WDH1 mainly lie in the postoperative care of patients with an implanted VAD after the phase of intensive care and up until they are transferred to a rehabilitation center. Our nurses work in close cooperation with the physiotherapists, cardiac engineers and the team of doctors in our VAD outpatient unit who are responsible for the patients before and after their inpatient stay.

Further, Ward WDH1 cares for patients before bypass, heart valve or vascular surgery and after heart and/or lung transplantation. Each bed has the capacity for monitor equipment attached to a central monitoring station.

Ward WDK1

Ward WDK1 is situated on the ground floor of the building, on the left side; it is one of the Center’s regular wards. The ward has 24 beds, four of which belong to the Chest Pain Unit, which is integrated into the ward.


More than 20 nurses care for the patients in a triple-shift system. Structured, professional induction of new personnel by several practice instructors enables them to have an optimal start. The planning and documentation of nursing procedures take place at the bedside using newly introduced IT systems.

Ward WD2

Ward WD2 is one of the regular wards and is responsible for preoperative and postoperative patient care. The ward has 41 beds and is equipped with an optional VIP area. Currently over 50 nurses are working on this ward in a triple-shift system.


Here patients are admitted before surgery and prepared for it. After the operation they generally return here for one to two days after leaving the intensive care unit. The target is mobilization so that they can be transferred to our cardiac aftercare institution, Paulinen Hospital. From there they are discharged home or go on to an appropriate rehabilitation center.

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