B.Sc. in Cardiovascular Perfusion

Three-Year Study Program


Dr. rer. medic. Frank Merkle
Academy for Cardiac Perfusion
Steinbeis Transfer Institute for Cardiac Perfusion

Tel  +49 30 4593-7125
Fax +49 30 4593-7139

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Interdisciplinary and Varied

The B.Sc. in Cardiovascular Perfusion is a study program for nurses, surgical assistants and individuals in related medical assistant work who would like to train to become cardiac perfusionists. The cardiac perfusionist has an interdisciplinary role in the surgical treatment of cardiovascular patients.

Study Program

The study program for the B.Sc. in Cardiovascular Perfusion
begins annually on April 1.

We offer a three-year study program in Cardiovascular Perfusion, in cooperation with the Steinbeis University Berlin. In this study program the students acquire interdisciplinary qualifications and increase their medical knowledge.

The lectures take place in 14-day theory modules. In addition the students work independently on other study units. The scheduling of the theoretical and practical modules enables students to work part time in parallel to their studies.

Entrance Requirements

The entrance requirements are as follows:

  • general higher education entrance qualification
  • successfully completed training as a nurse or surgical assistant or comparable medical qualification
  • fulfillment of the entrance requirements of the Steinbeis University Berlin


Participation in the study program costs € 500 per month. Students can apply for financial support (“Bafög” and “Meisterbafög”) or a study loan.

“Eye tracking” to make the training of cardiac perfusionists better still

Within the framework of its training of cardiac perfusionists, the German Heart Center Berlin began a project in February 2017 to apply the so-called “eye-tracking” procedure to assess the eye movements and therefore the intensity of stress for perfusionists during use of the heart-lung machine. The data collected should provide insights into the cognitive processes and subconscious behavior of perfusionsts and thus enable us to improve their training.

A further aim of the project is to find out whether the simulated operation room at the Academy for Cardiac Perfusion reflects the reality realistically enough for the data from eye tracking to show a sound comparison between the actual surgical situation and the simulation. A further step will be to evaluate new training scenarios in the simulated operation room.

In a video Frank Merkle, Head of the Academy for Cardiac Perfusion, and his team introduce the project. This is being financed by funds from the study program Cardiovascular Perfusion at the Steinbeis University Berlin and the Society of Friends of the German Heart Center Berlin.