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Outpatient Departments

Information for Patients and Visitors

Broad Spectrum of Treatment

The DHZB has three outpatient departments.
These departments are part of the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, Department of Internal Medicine – Cardiology, Department of Congenital Heart Disease – Pediatric Cardiology, and Department of Congenital Heart Surgery – Pediatric Surgery.

Patients from the Department of Congenital Heart Surgery – Pediatric Surgery are cared for after surgery by the Department of Congenital Heart Disease – Pediatric Cardiology. We do our best to make your visit to our outpatient departments as pleasant as possible. Please appreciate that emergency patients always have priority and that this may cause delays, meaning that you need to wait.

Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery

We mainly care for patients known to need heart surgery and those who have been operated upon. The Department is also open to all patients who would like advice on the need for a heart operation.

Further information on our Department

Cardiosurgical Outpatient Department

Mon – Fr. 7:30 am – 4 pm (by appointment)

Cardiac Surgery Clinic
Tel +49 30 4593-2139

Mechanical Circulatory Support Clinic
Telefon +49 30 4593-2222

Clinic for Aortic Diseases
Tel +49 30 4593-2002

Clinic for Mitral Valve Disease
Tel +49 30 4593-2002

Clinic for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVI)
Tel +49 30 4593-2002

Clinic for Transplantation (Heart and Lung)
Tel +49 30 4593-2141

Clinic for Pulmonary Hypertension
Tel +49 30 4593-2141

Private Consultations

Prof. Falk is pleased to advise you in a private consultation. Please make an appointment by phoning +49 30 4593-2139.

Department of Internal Medicine – Cardiology

Working in close cooperation with patients’ relatives, general practitioners, rehabilitation centers and other health care professionals, the Outpatient Department personnel contribute to our patients’ healing process.

Cardiological Outpatient Department

Mon – Fri 7:30 am – 4 pm (by appointment)
Tel +49 30 4593-2420

Outpatient Clinic
PD Dr. med. Michael Gräfe, Dr. med. Fuat Izmir, Dr. med. Alexander Tsynman

Heart rhythm disturvances and atrial fibrillation
Prof. Dr. Jin-Hong Gerds-Li, Dr. med. Julian Keznickl

Pacemakers and defibrillators (including ICD, CRT, special devices)
PD Dr. med. Christoph Klein, Dr. med. Vesna Furunduzija-Cabraja

Heart valves and TAVI
PD Dr. Michael Gräfe, PD Dr. med. Christoph Klein

Heart failure and cardiomyopathy
Dr. med. Anne Bingel, PD Dr. med. Daniel Messroghli

Pulmonary hypertension
Dr. med. Mareike Lankeit

Therapy-resistant hypertension and cardiovascular prevention
PD Dr. med. Sebastian Kelle, Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Stawowy

Dr. med. Alexander Tsynman, Dr. med. Stephan Dreysse

Chest Pain Unit

Mon – Fri 7:30 am – 4 pm
Tel +49 30 4593-2420 / -21

Mon – Fri 4 pm – 7:30 am, Sat & Sun 00:00 – 24:00 Uhr
Tel +49 30 4593-1000

Clinic for Severe Heart Failure

Following the great progress made in the pharmacological, interventional and surgical treatment of heart disease, many more patients are reaching chronic and advanced stages of their diseases. In the late stages most heart diseases have in common the development of increasing heart weakness (heart failure), i.e. inadequate pumping of the heart. Typical heart failure symptoms are decreased tolerance of exertion, breathlessness and edema (the collection of water in the legs and body tissue).

Severe heart failure is a great decrease in the pumping power of the heart, with pronounced symptoms despite application of the standard treatment. It represents a particular challenge and often requires complex, individual treatment concepts. To meet this challenge the DHZB has developed an interdisciplinary program for severe heart failure. The Clinic for Severe Heart Failure is a significant part of this program. It is the first port of call for outpatients in whom severe heart failure has been diagnosed or is suspected. At the Clinic comprehensive diagnostic clarification takes place so that an individually tailored treatment concept can be decided upon and further treatment initiated. Depending on the outside care the patient is receiving, our role varies from diagnosis and counselling at a single appointment through treatment parallel to other care, to comprehensive cardiological treatment.
The Clinic focusses on advanced diagnostic methods (e.g. spiroergometry, cardiac MRI) and, when indicated, advanced treatment concepts (e.g. structural interventions, mechanical circulatory support, transplantation). The aim is always optimal treatment in close cooperation with the other doctors treating the patient.

Private Consultations

Prof. Pieske and Dr. Furundzija-Cabraja are pleased to advise you in private consulations. Please make an appointment by phoning +49 30 4593-2400 oder -2401.

Department of Congenital Heart Disease – Pediatric Cardiology

Before the operation we carry out the necessary examinations and explain the procedure to the patients or their parents/guardians. After the operation we can monitor the results and the healing process at regular intervals with the most modern methods of diagnosis.

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