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Care: Proud to Care

Here you will find portraits of carers from all departments

Anaesthesia care

""Over the years you get to know what emergencies can happen - you have to be wide awake in this job" - says Thomas, anaesthesia nurse at the German Heart Centre Berlin. What this job means to him, he tells in this film.

Children IPS

Infants with severe congenital heart defects, immediately after many hours of highly complex heart surgery: paediatric intensive care at the DHZB, one of the world's leading children's heart centres, demands the highest standards.

The Children's IPS

Sevgi has been working in the children's intensive care unit of the DHZB for over 20 years, now as deputy director. She has cared for hundreds of children. And still says: There is nothing more beautiful.

Intensive care unit IPS1

Many have said that it will be hard to start working in the intensive care unit at the DHZB immediately after training," says intensive care nurse Valentine. But she still dared to do it and has not regretted it. Why, she tells in this video.

Intensive care unit IPS2

The N+ stations

"You may be a nurse on paper after your training - but you're only really a nurse when you really work in the profession. And then you realise what it's all about!" What is it about? Nurse Nathalie explains that in this film. Care at the DHZB.

The H4 Station

"When the children can go home after a long and difficult time, it encourages me to stay here" - this is what Sarah says about her job as a paediatric nurse in the H4 ward for congenital heart defects/pediatric cardiology

The OP care

Florentine worked for 5 years as a surgical nurse at the DHZB. If you want to find out what makes this profession so fascinating, you should watch this video.

The OP Care

""Live" from room 4: Operating room nurse Christin about her job

The nursing director

Since 1 December 2018, Sebastian Dienst has been the Director of Nursing at the German Heart Centre Berlin. Here he introduces himself and the values of DHZB nursing.

The Hybrid-OP

Hospitation at the DHZB

As part of a cooperation with the German Heart Institute Berlin, two schoolgirls completed a two-week practical assignment in the intensive care and surgery area of the DHZB.