What is a Chest Pain Unit?

The Chest Pain Unit undertakes the diagnosis and treatment in patients with acute chest pain. Standardized diagnostic procedures ensure that it can rapidly be established whether the chest pain is caused by a  heart disease.

Aims of the Chest Pain Unit

Cardiovascular disease accounts for over 300,000 deaths per year and is the main cause of death in Germany. Mortality from acute myocardial infarction (“heart attack”) is around 40 percent. Almost one third of patients with myocardial infarction do not reach the hospital in time; 10 percent die after hospital admission. Rapid clarification of acute chest pain is therefore extremely important.

Organization of the Chest Pain Unit

The Chest Pain Unit is at the interface between the cardiological outpatient department, the cardiological monitoring ward and the intensive care unit. The head of the Chest Pain unit is Prof. Dr. Philipp Stawowy. Experienced teams apply standardized procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of the patient in the shortest possible time and following the most recent national and international guidelines. The severity of the disease and the patient’s individual risk are naturally taken into account. This standardized, yet at the same time individual, medical care helps to lower the mortality of heart attack patients and also increases the success of the longer-term treatment, having a positive effect on the average duration of the patient’s hospital stay.