Integration of foreign employees

Arriving in a foreign country is rarely easy - at the DHZB, nurses from abroad receive comprehensive professional support and social integration.

Since 2019, we have been preparing nurses with a foreign nursing degree comprehensively for the "State Knowledge Test in Health Care and Nursing (Kenntnisprüfung)" in six-month training courses at our DHZB nursing school. Successful completion of the knowledge test is a prerequisite for nurses from non-EU countries to be allowed to work as registered nurses in Germany and thus also at the DHZB.

In contrast to the knowledge test, however, the six-month training course is not required by law. Course instructor Yvonne Hertog explains: "We want to prepare the new colleagues as well as possible for their future tasks and their new life in Germany. For us, this includes not only excellent professional knowledge, but also a good arrival in their new home."

In addition to alternating theoretical and practical phases, the training course also provides plenty of time for language instruction and the social integration of the participants. Yvonne Hertog is supported by Anja Melloh, the integration manager at the DHZB. She regularly visits the participants during their practical assignments on the wards, is the contact person for questions relating not only to everyday working life but also to official issues, such as visa or rental issues, and provides support with language problems.

"Although all participants have a good knowledge of German, technical terms and the Berlin dialect need a bit more training," the integration manager reports.

Every four weeks, Anja Melloh offers an after-work get-together: "In this informal atmosphere, questions or misunderstandings, which often arise from cultural differences, can be clarified without complications.

Even after they have passed their exams, Yvonne Hertog and Anja Melloh provide close support to the foreign nurses. They provide individual support with familiarization issues, organize further language training if needed, or advise on continuing education and training opportunities at the DHZB.

Detailed information on "Working at the DHZB with a foreign nursing degree" can be found here.