Aortic valve stenosis, aortic valve insufficiency


Aortic valve stenosis: constriction of the aortic valve
Aortic valve insufficiency: leaking of the aortic valve leading to enlargement of the aortic annulus (valve ring) and the left ventricle

Aortic valve reconstruction

In infants and children

  •  in infants
    critical aortic valve stenosis: commissurotomy, thinning of the valve cusps, removal of myxomatosic nodules.
  • in children
    Stenosis/insufficiency: thinning, tricuspidalization with pericardial patch, augmentation of the cusps, enlargement of the aortic annulus (only with valve replacement). Nicks procedure: incision in the noncoronary sinus, pericardial patch enlargement and oblique implantation. Manugian procedure: incision through left/noncoronary commissure to mitral valve and left atrium; pericardial patch plasty. Konno procedure: incision in ventricular septum through right/left coronary commissure.

Ross operation

Ross Operation
Replacement of the aortic arch by the excised autologous pulmonary valve.