The science of "Big Data / Deep Learning / Artifical Intelligence / Real-Time Analytics" has great potential to transform medicine. The aim of our research is to create dedicateddata and analytic platforms that are easy to integrate and use for clinical applications and processes.

We are particularly interested in the period of intensive care after major heart surgery. There are several known postoperative complications that can be better treated the earlier they are detected. The team of the intensive care unit at the German Heart Center Berlin has the most advanced technical equipment, experience and expertise to recognize these symptoms as quickly as possible and to react accordingly.

Nevertheless, there are cases in which complications are only be diagnosed at late stages. This applies in particular to a demanding work environment such as the intensive care unit with its high workload and large amount of monitoring data.

We strive to make it enable this continuous stream of data from the various monitoring systems to be analysed and integrated in real time, thus adding a clinical meaningful analytical layer on top of plain measured data.

Such an "intelligent" monitoring system could identify subtle patterns of symptoms/complications long before they become apparent to physicians and nurses. Potentially life-threatening conditions could thus be "predicted" and avoided in time by appropriate therapeutic measures.

The team

Group leader is Dr. Alexander Meyer, senior resident in cardiothoracic surgery at the Clinic for Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery at the German Heart Center Berlin. Before his career as a physician, Dr. Meyer worked as a computer scientist and softwaredeveloper. In 2016, he was selected into the Clinician Scientist Program at the Berlin Institute for Health (BiH) of the Charité.

The funding programme enables doctors to receive structured specialist training with enough "protected time" for clinical and basic research. The main focus is on translation,i.e. the implementation of the results of basic research in clinical application.

Further information on the "Clinician Scientist Program" at the Berlin Institute for Health of the Charité can be found here

The current team can be found here.

Information on the analysis of routine clinical data for research purposes...

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