Quality assurance

at the German Heart Institute Berlin

Quality Policies and Quality Aims

The importance of quality questions at the German Heart Center Berlin is well anchored in the Foundation’s statutes and in our mission statement. The treatment of patients is of the utmost importance. Every patient may expect comprehensive, considerate and professional care.

Our Unit for Quality and Risk Management is responsible for coordinating, organizing and executing all quality and risk management activities. The Unit follows the instructions issued by the team for organization and development in conjunction with the Executive Board. The Unit for Quality and Risk Management is directly responsible to the Business Director.
Quality Management representatives from all parts of the hospital help to disseminate quality issues among all employees and to ensure their participation. These representatives support the Unit for Quality and Risk Management in its work.

The quality report serves to inform patients and medical professionals of the German Heart Center Berlin’s services, treatment results and case numbers.

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A high quality standard is attested to us by the award of various certificates, seals and other awards such as "Chest Pain Unit".