Strengthening Families for Normal Everyday Life

In the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center of Berlin-Brandenburg in Bernau, just north of Berlin, family oriented rehabilitation is paramount. Children, teenagers and young adults with congenital heart defects and hemato-oncological diseases are treated here.
The special feature of family oriented rehabilitation is that, in addition to the primary medical rehabilitation of the sick child, siblings and the parents of the patient are included in the medical and psychosocial therapies.

Treatment Concept

The family oriented rehabilitation program usually lasts four weeks and includes a broad spectrum of medical, psychological and social therapy as well as physiotherapy and occupational therapy.
The treatment concept is based on the assumption that the illness affects not only the sick child but also the whole family. Therefore the family is included in the process of regeneration after the physical and psychological strain imposed by the illness, the child’s treatment and its effects and is so gradually helped to return to normal everyday life.


The therapy program is tailored to the individual family. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists help restore the child’s ability to move and perform everyday manual tasks, if necessary. The center offers various therapeutic sports such as exercises in the indoor sports hall, swimming or Nordic walking. In addition, music therapy, art therapy, therapeutic horse-riding and dance therapy are offered.
So that the parents can take part in their own therapy sessions, the children are cared for in the kindergarten.
In addition to medical rehabilitation the center provides psychological care and social services.