Nursing at the German Heart Center Berlin

Our services

Nursing with Care and Warmth

Every procedure requires a team of highly qualified health care professionals, working optimally together. Our nurses play an important role, whether in the operating room or on the intensive care units. The wards are allocated to our Clinical Departments so that consistent care of all patients is ensured. Each patient is nursed at the highest level of professionalism and with great attention and commitment. The nurses of the German Heart Institute Berlin guarantee this every day – with dedicated care, experience and human warmth.

Areas of Nursing

Operation Rooms

Over 60 surgical nurses and surgical assistants work in our operating department, carrying out the necessary tasks before, during and after each operation. Five practical nursing supervisors are responsible for their initial and further professional training. The operation program covers conventional surgical and vascular operations, endoscopic/minimally invasive procedures and catheter interventions in patients of all ages. The range of knowledge and skills required of our nurses in handling the surgical instruments is correspondingly broad.

Anesthesia/Intensive Care Unit

The nursing team of the Department of Anesthesia and the intensive care unit makes up what we call an organizational unit. Here you can read more about the services we offer and the size and the facilities of anesthesia nursing and the intensive care units at the German Heart Center Berlin.

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Heart Catheterization Laboratories

The work of the heart catheter laboratories (Cath labs) at the German Heart Center Berlin focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease in adults and children. On average over 4,000 patients are treated each year in the cath lab, in a double shift system. The nursing team has more than 15 nurses. Two are always on call after 6 pm and at weekends. Their work in the cath lab consists of preparing for and clearing up after procedures and monitoring the patient’s vital signs during the examination. Comprehensive knowledge of the materials involved and several years of nursing experience are prerequisites for the success of cath lab treatment.

Our Wards

The German Heart Center Berlin has five wards. Here you will find information on the differences between them, their size and the facilities they offer.

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