Dedicated Professionals

Each medical procedure requires a highly specialized team of professionals working together. Our nurses play an important role, whether in the operating room or on the intensive care unit. The wards are assigned to the DHZB departments so that seamless treatment of all patients is assured.
Each patient is nursed with great dedication and attention. This is the declared purpose of the nurses of the Department of Internal Medicine – Cardiology who stand every day for care, experience and human warmth.

Ward H1 Cardiology

Ward H1 Cardiology is on the ground floor of the DHZB building, on the left-hand side. It has 24 beds, four of which belong to the integrated Chest Pain Unit.
Over 20 nurses care for our patients in a triple-shift system. Professional and structured introduction of new personnel into our work concepts enables them to have an optimal start on the ward. The care planning and documentation are carried out without delay at the bedside using the most up-to-date information technology systems. All information you need for your hospital stay at the DHZB can be found here.

What We Offer

Our nursing remit is oriented around the professional guidelines of the DHZB. At their center is the nursing care of patients with complex cardiological diseases.
The patients are cared for on the ward from the stage of diagnosis by heart catheterization, electrophysiological examination etc. to treatment of their heart disease by, for example, percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) or pacemaker implantation.
The preoperative and postoperative care of patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) also takes place on the ward.

Heart Catheterization Laboratory

The heart catheterization laboratories of the DHZB have their focus on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac, vascular and conductive diseases in adults and children.
The number of patients they treat is an average of over 4000 annually. The cath lab personnel work in a dual-shift system, with over 15 nurses. Two nurses are always on call from 6 pm onwards and at weekends.
The work of the cath lab nurses includes preparing patients for their procedure and monitoring their vital signs during and after it. Good knowledge of the instruments used, economic working practice and many years of experience are prerequisites for successful nursing in the cath lab.