Origin of the Patients in 2015

With 1290 inpatient stays for the treatment of congenital heart defects, the large numbers of patients treated in past years were upheld. The recruitment of international patients with congenital heart disease continues to play an important role. Most of these patients come from Eastern Europe, in particular from Russia and the adjacent states.

Patient Origins: percentages

Inpatients n = 29,225

Each year about 1300 patients with congenital heart defects are admitted for a hospital stay and over 4750 are cared for as outpatients. The distribution of patients from Berlin, the immediate surroundings and the rest of Germany has remained almost unchanged over the past 10 years.

n = 84,996

The proportion of patients from outside Germany was 22 percent of inpatients and 21 percent of outpatients. These figures confirm the international reputation of the German Heart Center Berlin and show the importance of international patients for the Department of Congenital Heart Disease.