Pre-operative anesthetic assessment

We aim to support our patients throughout the entire perioperative pathway. This includes a detailed description and explanation of all steps of your surgical journey such as: preparation for anesthesia and surgery; what happens in the operating room; how we keep you safe with careful monitoring and management during the operation; post-operative recovery and pain relief. Throughout this consultation, we will make sure we have ample time for you and any questions you may have.

The preoperative interview will take place between you and your anesthesiologist in the anesthesia clinic on Ward H2, or in your room. We will ask about your medical history including the current medications to assign the best and safest anesthesia technique for you and your specific operation. Where possible, we will endeavour to accommodate any patient wishes. We will also inform you about preoperative routine, for example fasting advices and whether you should continue taking certain preexisting medications.

During the interview, you can and should discuss any questions, but also any fears and concerns about your perioperative care. We will make every effort to explain everything as clearly and precisely as possible.

In order to streamline the preoperative process and to not use more of your time than necessary, we ask you to complete the anesthetic questionnaire that will be handed out to you in advance. Please also bring your current medication plan and, if applicable, your allergy passport, emergency card or any anesthesia alert documents.