Support for our Work and Research

The Society of Friends of the German Heart Center Berlin is a non-profit organization that has set itself the task of supporting the German Heart Center in its work. Saving the lives of people with heart conditions often takes immense sums of money and these are not always covered by the health insurers.

Activities of the “Heart Friends”

  • financing life-saving heart operations that are not paid for by the health insurers
  • giving financial support to the donation campaigns for life-saving operations on children from all over the world whose parents are without the financial means
  • supporting research into optimized treatment procedures at the German Heart Center Berlin
  • promoting research and science, e.g. by supporting the training of talented young doctors in Germany and abroad
  • organizing further education events for doctors, nurses and cardiac perfusionists
  • supporting important publications, lectures and courses to inform patients, their relatives and the public.


With their membership fee of € 30 per year the Friends of the German Heart Center Berlin support the work and the research being done at the hospital. Many patients have joined the Society following a stay at the hospital, to help us achieve our aims. If you would like more information about our Society please phone +49 30 4593-2002 or visit our website:


Society of Friends of the German Heart Center Berlin e.V.
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin

Tel  +49 30 4593-2002 
Fax +49 30 4593-2137