The Administration

at the German Heart Center Berlin


Silke Michel

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The Chief Financial Officer leads the administrative, economic and supply areas and is a member of the Executive Board of the German Heart Centre Berlin.

Whether bookkeeping and accounting, purchasing, human resources, technical or construction measures: Every day behind the scenes, the employees from the administrative departments ensure that our teams of doctors, nurses and service staff can offer our patients the best possible service. Here you will find the most important areas and their management.



One of the tasks of the medical controlling team at the DHZB is to ensure complete and correct coding as the basis for optimal inpatient service accounting. This area is headed by Mr. Hans Peter Brickwede.

Technical facility management

The "Technical Facility Management" team is responsible for the organisation, coordination and commissioning or execution of all repair and maintenance work in the fields of building, operating and building technology. Responsible. The division belongs to DHZB Dienstleistungs GmbH. Management: Frank Engemann.


The purchasing team organises and coordinates the procurement and - if necessary - the storage of almost all goods necessary for the smooth operation of the DHZB.
This department is headed by Mr. Markus Spoida. He belongs to the DHZB-Dienstleistungs GmbH.

Personnel Department

The German Heart Institute Berlin and its subsidiaries have about 1,300 employees. The personnel department is responsible for all of them. The team also takes care of recruiting and applications.

Quality assurance

The tasks of the quality assurance, quality and risk management departments are as important as they are varied. These include, for example, compliance with current medical regulations and guidelines, processing complaints, and organizing and monitoring all certification processes.

This area is headed by Sabine Hübler.

Infrastructural facility management

The division "Infrastructural Facility Management" is responsible for cleaning, logistics, service, CSSD, supply, patient transport, mailroom and the service centre at the DHZB. The division belongs to DHZB Dienstleistungs GmbH.

This division is headed by Ms Ingrid Steinke.

Information Technology

The IT department of the German Heart Institute takes care of around 3,000 terminal devices - and their smooth networking. Reliability and data protection are the team's top priority.

The department belongs to DHZB Dienstleistungs GmbH. The IT department is headed by Mr. Simon Puxbaumer.


Corporate and business development

Healthcare continues to develop dynamically - be it in issues of digitalisation, improved or new treatment methods, resource allocation and capacity expansions. In order to be well prepared for this change, the Corporate and Business Development department is responsible for initiating and sustainably implementing strategy processes as well as relevant operational transformation projects within the DHZB. The fields of action in the area of organisational development range from resource management topics to process and portfolio management to dedicated clinic-centred topics for operational efficiency improvement. This role is accompanied by the involvement of the DHZB's clinical, nursing and scientific service providers and support with innovative impulses and project standards and procedures in order to actively accompany change processes and to profitably shape the opportunities that open up for the DHZB. The department is headed by Alexander Heinz and Rebecca Lange.

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Finance and accounting

The DHZB's finance and accounting department takes care of all financial transactions.

Commercial controlling

The team in the Commercial Controlling department records and reports on inpatient revenues, case numbers and material costs and plays a key role in the budget planning of all departments.
This department is headed by Mr Tom Raith.

Office of Studies / Administration Research and Science

The Study Center of the German Heart Institute supports scientists and scientifically active physicians in administrative and organizational tasks and coordinates the research projects. This provides researchers with the necessary freedom to concentrate fully on their scientific tasks. The division is part of the DHZB Dienstleistungs GmbH.
Sabine Hübler is the medical director of the study centre.