Das DHZB Lange-Symposium 2017

der Klinik für Angeborene Herzfehler – Kinderkardiologie

The DHZB Lange Symposium 2017

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On 16 and 17 September 2017, top-class specialists from every continent had been invited to Berlin by the DHZB, for the 13th time, to exchange information and experience concerning the latest developments and new procedures in heart medicine for children.

The two-day “DHZB Lange Symposium”, named after the founder of the DHZB’s Department for Congenital Heart Disease/Pediatric Cardiology, Prof. Peter Lange, is now regarded as one of the most important symposia in this field.

The focus this year was complex field of the management of the Right Ventricular Outflow Tract with all its facets and difficulties.

Thirty-one specialists from the DHZB and other leading international institutions reported in over 32 lectures on existing forms of treatment as well as research projects and their results.
Here you may watch a selection from the 13th DHZB Lange Symposium lectures.


The Lectures Recordings

I. Modern Platform for Decision Making and Planning

"Clinically based decision making / Guidelines" by Prof. Dr. med. Ina Michel-Behnke; Wien/A
"Incorporating 3D Imaging and Printing in RVOT management" by PD Dr. med. Martin Glöckler; Erlangen
"Image fusion (Echo/CT/MR with angiography)" by PD Dr. med. Stephan Schubert; Berlin
"Machine based decision making – when, how, what?" by Dr. Ing. Anja Hennemuth; Berlin

II. Transcatheter Valve Replacement (TPVR) - Past and Presen

"Approaching 20 years experience with TPVR – what have we learned?" by Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Bonhoeffer; Pisa/IT
"Ten years of Melody: pooled data – clinical experience" by Prof. Dr. med. Peter Ewert; München
"Midterm experience - Edwards valve in pulmonic position" by Prof. Dr. med. Nikolaus A. Haas; München
"Current resuls - Venus P valve" by Prof. Shakeel A. Qureshi, MD; London/GB

III. Surgery – Paving the Way

"No valve - no chance - Valve sparing techniques or conduit replacement" by Prof. Dr. med. René Prétre; Lausanne/CH
"Transannular patch - good for lifetime?" by Prof. Victor T. Tsang, M.D.; London/GB
"Do interventional needs determine the first surgical approach? Pro" by Prof. Lee Benson, M.D.; Toronto/CA
"Do interventional needs determine the first surgical approach? Contra" by Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Photiadis; Berlin

IV. Complications / Limitations

"Endocartis - Incidence and implications" by PD Dr. med. Andreas Eicken; München
"Pathohistology of the explanted specimen" by Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Sigler; Göttingen
"Coronaries - the game changer" by PD Dr. med. Stephan Schubert; Berlin
"Complex bifurcation - a preclusion for interventional solutions? Contra" by Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Kretschmar; Zürich/CH
"Right ventricular (dys) funktion: what can we learn from virtual patients?" by Dr. Joost Lumens, PhD; Maastricht/NL

V. Nutrition / Pharmacology / Physiology

"Updates on current pediatric trials for heart failure medication" by Prof. Dr. med. Damien Bonnet; Paris/FR
"Adaptive, adverse and reverse remodeling in normal pulmonary vascular resistance and PAH" by Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kübler; Berlin

VI. Valve Replacement – Innovations I

"Tissue engineering - we grow with our needs" by Prof. Dr. med. Maximilian Emmert; Zürich/CH
"Autologous solutions" by Dr. med. Boris Schmitt; Berlin
"Decellularized solutions" by Dr. med. Alexander Horke; Hannover
"Bioabsorbable carriers" by Dr. rer. nat. Frank Feyerabend; Geesthacht/NL

VII. Valve Replacement – Innovations II

"Harmony" by Prof. Lee Benson, MD; Toronto/CA
"Alterra" by Dr. med. Gregor Krings; Utrecht/NL
"Pulsta and others" by Prof. Shakeel A. Qureshi, MD; London/GB
"Concept of an expandable cardiac valve for surgical implantation" by Prof. Sitaram Emani, MD; Boston/USA
"In silico engineering of devices" by Prof. Claudio Capelli, MD; London/GB